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How to survive carpool (thanks, Munchkin!)

How to Survive Carpool

Ahhh carpool. With back to school that means it’s back to carpool twice a day for us over here. Hours of our day can be spent riding hither and yon to All The Things. I’ve pretty much decided that a car with kids is not much more than a gypsy wagon. All we lack is a goat or a mule
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Modern schoolhouse style -

Get the look: Schoolhouse Style

With school starting back all over the country, I thought it’d be fun to do a little roundup of classic schoolhouse-inspired designs that you can integrate into your own home. But let’s get past the chalkboard wall for a bit, because there is so much more style to love about American schoolhouses. If you love
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White outdoor living room -

Marriage + furniture shopping = compromise

Internet, marriage is hard sometimes, especially when you have ALL THE OPINIONS. Our back patio is one of those places we’ve been working on coming up with a plan to better utilize the outdoor space and lord knows we have alllll the ideas and alllll the opinions between the two of us. It’s a slab
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White Electra bicycle with rear rack -

Keep summer going with these beachy chic reads

Thanks for following along with my week of back-to-school for grownups goodies! I’ve had so much fun pulling these together – don’t miss the most gorgeously chic school supplies, fashion-forward backpacks, and sweet rides. The one textbook I kept from college is my Art History book that weighs 38.5 pounds and is the size of
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