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New Years getaway in Carlton Landing =

Shingletons don’t do dirt.

Last week we were chatting with Simon’s mom about granite countertops. She’s planning on updating their kitchen or maybe their master bathroom and Internet, it could be such a great makeover.  Anyway, we were sitting there and talking about what color she might get and Simon was all “Nope. Do NOT get the black granite.
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How to get better photos

A few years ago I wrote a post on what’s in my camera bag, and I frequently get asked how I get the photos that I shoot for the blog, the shop, our home and of our family. But technology changes  so I’m doing a little update here and also including my favorite iPhone apps for
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4 budget-friendly ways to freshen up the house

It’s a New Year and with the holidays behind us now, most of the decor is put away until next year. Everybody’s got organization on the brain and I’ve started mentally planning out a few projects I want to tackle over the next few months. Sometimes the itch comes along for something new – new furniture,
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The best in articulating wall sconces, swing arm wall sconces, adjustable wall sconces and more - a roundup of all my favorite sconces in a variety of finishes including brass sconces, black sconces, industrial sconces and more.

20 Stylish Swing Arm Sconces: The Ultimate Roundup

Swing arm sconces are having a major moment right now in the design world, and I’m no exception. Last week I showed you the brass swing arm sconces that I installed at the lake house, and I thought it might be helpful to do a roundup of some of my current favorites. Brass is still
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