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Minted Personal Styling

Editor’s note: This post is sponsored by Minted. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep Pencil Shavings going. As a designer, I consistently hear from people that they are struggling to figure out what to put on their empty walls. I completely get it – art can feel overwhelming and sometimes cost prohibitive, or like
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Memorial Day Sale round up!

Memorial Day is here, and with it comes an enormous slew of fantastic sales. If you’re considering any majorly large purchases of furniture or high end fashion, this is the time to do it! I’ve pulled together a list of the best sales (affiliate links used, FYI) in both home and fashion. Happy shopping! Oh,
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In which Archer potty trains himself & Jude gets poison ivy

Internet, I’m pretty sure that God has an enormous sense of humor. This is evident in many ways but perhaps best of all in parenting. For example, there was firstborn Jude who was and still is pretty much an easygoing kid. He was easily corrected when he was little (despite that one time when he
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Has blogging jumped the shark?

Internet, forgive me for making a petit rant, but there are times when I think that the heyday of blogging has absolutely reached its zenith and now we are all drowning in an abyss of Absolutely Terrible Ideas and Posts. This is, of course, not new news to anybody. The thing about blogging, and what
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