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Christmas 2014

Another Christmas has come and gone and here we are facing the new year. Can I be honest? I am SO glad that Christmas is over. Not to be grinchy about it, but being pregnant, emotional, and exhausted has proven to be the trifecta that has worn me slick. But I think the other reason
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Beware of the Redhead

Friends, today I offer you a warning of serious, potentially epic proportions. I am writing to warn you of the Redheaded Snickelfritz. One Jude Shingleton, that is. After keeping himself pulled together in fashionable form for his school Christmas program (is there anything better than singing children? No there is not. Beyond precious), he collapsed
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Kohler Brockway sinks in lake house

In love with a sink

Can we talk for one minute about how amazing this bathroom is? I saw it on the Carlton Landing holiday home tour over the weekend and fell madly in love. Check out the details at BHG’s Style Spotters blog today…

Pregnancy Update: 32 weeks

I had all these big intentions of doing updates and cute pictures throughout my pregnancy and now all of a sudden I’m 32 weeks and none of that has happened. Guess that’s what happens with the second born!  I’ve now made it as far as I did with my pregnancy with Jude, which absolutely stuns
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