A Post about campaigns – Campaign Chests, that is

Can we all agree that we’re relieved the presidential election is over? But let’s talk about how awesome campaigns are – campaign dressers!

I’ve been on the hunt for a campaign dresser for a few months now. One day Simon came home from work and said that he thought the TV looked shabby sitting on the hearth. And I have no issue with that. But the problem became twofold: (1) we don’t have anything to put the TV back on as I’ve rearranged furniture and am using the buffet in the entryway and (2) we now have a larger TV so it wouldn’t fit on the old buffet anyway.

Can I just tell you that it is easier to find a needle in a haystack than it is to find a campaign chest? Well, a campaign dresser, really. Chests, desks, and nightstands  can be found with relative ease, but the dressers are few and far between. Luckily I stumbled on Etsy shop ExeterFields who ever-so-kindly emailed me when they finally came upon a dresser.  She’s even going to paint it in any custom color I prefer. How great is that?

So that leads me to my new dilemma. What color to paint it?

Here’s the room that it’s going in — there’s definitely a lot of colors we could choose from.

Obviously the “safe” route would be to paint it white or cream. But I find myself drawn to doing navy, pale green or maybe a mint. Check out these super-lame photoshopped mockups. Please note that we will have everything painted, w/ the exception of the brass hardware, obvs. I just didn’t want to take the time to outline every single piece of the hardware, so I focused on only the drawers.

What do you think? What color should we go with? 


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  • Vicky M.

    Love the new dresser! My vote is for navy!

  • danielle @ lou what wear

    NAVY! For sure!


  • Jessica Packard

    Emerald or navy blue! Those pillows are asking for a bright piece of furniture 😉

  • Jessica Packard

    bold** it’s too early to be commenting!

  • Susan S.

    NAVY BLUE!!!

  • Kelly

    Call me crazy, but I kind of love the look of it as-is! I am not one of those people who hates to paint wood- I am usually pro-painting of everything, but it has such an interesting grain! Reminds me of the look of malachite. I’d shine up that brass and let it be.

    If I had to pick a paint color, pistachio!

    • RachelShingleton

      I hear you — there is something really warm about natural wood. But since I haven’t gotten to see the piece in person yet, I’m hesitant to let the opportunity get away from me to have it professionally painted.

  • Brittney Orr

    Emerald! I love the green; it’s so bold and would make such a statement!

  • Jamie

    Navy! LOVE the navy!

  • Caitlyn

    I also like Navy, but I would only paint the drawer fronts – like you show in the mock-up – when I read you actually planned to paint the whole thing in real life, I was surprised, I think the wood outlines make it pop!

  • aunt patsy

    take more pictures with the bright pretty pillows on top. for now, I choose navy, that is simply a classy color which I fell in love with when you decorated your room in navy and white. 🙂 this is just an opinion from one of your many aunts! 🙂

  • pippinpearl

    I think the navy is pretty, but it stands out as a little “old fashioned” –and you, my friend, are anything but. I have to say that emerald or cream would be my choice. Cream would be safe — that emerald is a showstopper!

    • RachelShingleton

      Definitely don’t want to be old-fashioned! As Simon and I were talking last night, we were thinking of going with more of a brighter blue. Like not quite as bright as a cobalt, but less conservative than the navy.

  • Claire Westbrook

    Those are all great color options! I may be the only one, but I love the pistachio!

  • ckron79

    Emerald all the way!

  • Rachel B

    navy! it makes the brass pop beautifully

  • Allison Hasel

    Emerald or pistachio are my votes! So gorgeous – and I am so jealous! 😀

  • LaNeale Robertson

    I like the green and pistachio but would have loved to see the red! Of course I die for those Chiang Mai Pillows. I need to check this etsy site out. Does shipping cost a fortune?

    • RachelShingleton

      Shipping on the pillows or on the dresser? Yeah, the dresser shipping is a little $$ – around $100.

  • Mia B
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