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Fun with Glitter . . . and more tales of adventure

Well, I had all these great photos to go along with this post, and my camera mysteriously ate them. Along with all the photos of Jude’s 1st Christmas program at mother’s day out. So, we’ll supplement this story with some random, completely unrelated photos. When I picked Jude up from his one-day-a-week Mother’s Day Out,
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The cobbler’s children never have any shoes

Same goes for the graphic designer’s family.  Here’s my confession. Last night, we were at a party, and a friend who had sent us an adorable Christmas card of themselves and their darling new little one asked about our Christmas card. I see a look pass between my husband and my friend. Words are being
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a few lovelies

Oh my. J.Crew, you have my heart. Along with my husband, my baby, and my iPhone. Oh yeah, and my camera too. While perusing the site (such good sales lately), I saw this jacket and thought, oh, too, cute. Lovin’ it! Lovin’ that it’s a trench! Lovin’ that it’s white! Lovin’ that it’s .. ooh,
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I am so blushing! No, really!

I may have to print this out and hang it on my bathroom wall so when I’m having a bad day, I can remember all the good things that my friend Kira’s SIL Anna said about me. I mean, this totally made my day. Truly truly! Thank you, internet friend!