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Spring Cleaning & Decorating, Otherwise Known as Nesting

Two rugs arrived in the mail last week, one for the dining room and the other for the living room. Adding new things to the mix always throws things for a loop. For example, with the rug in the dining room, there is now too much pattern in the chair upholstery. It just clashes. And
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Animal House

Several things make me smile about my life here in Oklahoma City. Among them are the Canadian Geese that have taken residence in the northwestern parts of the city, specifically revolving around the Waterford at NW 63rd and Penn. This involves dangerous, yet apparently careless waddles across Penn Avenue, especially in the spring with their
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Morning has broken

After a particularly sweaty and heart-pumping workout, sleep came relatively easy last night. In fact, so easy, that if it weren’t for Simon, there would have been no way I would’ve made it to the store on time. You see, I work part time at this little boutique here in town, but only on every
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Springtime at the Target

While I was not business-productive today, really, I was productive in the fact that I spent great quality time with my Mom, which is more important than any other work I might’ve done. After taking Mazie with me to the bank and other errands, Mom and I met at Red Robin for delicious burgers and
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